Release Notes

Fluidics 2.1: The Widget Update

Fluidics 2.1 is now available on the App Store, and comes some new, iOS 14-style widgets.

Do It All

See your status, and quickly log from your quick actions.

At A Glance

Quickly log, without the pressure of a numerical goal.

Screenshot of the iOS 14 'status' widget, small form, showing progress toward the goal.

Quick Information

See your progress, and act with just a tap.

Screenshot of the widget editor, showing a choice of actions, and a customizable amount to add when tapped.

Under Control

Tap somewhere on the widget other than the quick adds? You can control what happens next – log a custom amount, or open to a specific section of the app, it’s up to you.

Composite image of the light and dark theme icon.

Choose Your Icon

For Pro users, you can now choose between the default icon, or the Dark Theme icon.

Custom Add, Custom Unit

Want to add water in a different unit than you usually use? You can now long-press on the ‘add’ button on the Custom Add page to add using your choice of unit.

Download now!

Fluidics remains free to download, and just $0.99/year to unlock the Pro features. Get it now on the App Store:

To learn more about the development of Fluidics, you can read the release post here.

And, for the historical record, the release notes, as they appeared on the App Store:

Hello dear user, and welcome to iOS 14! Fluidics has some shiny new widgets for you to enjoy:

  • See your current status in the small widget size.
  • Quickly log water with the medium widget size – and your choice of showing your progress toward your goal in text, or just in how full the widget is.
  • Adding something in Custom Add, but want to use different units? Long-press on the ‘add’ button, no more back-and-forth to the Settings tab.
  • For our Pro subscribers, you can now choose which app icon to use – try out the Dark Theme, if you’d like.