Privacy Policy

Fluidics does not send your data anywhere, and does not collect any data other than your daily water intake.

All of your data is securely stored in the Health app, accessible only by you and apps that you give permission to.

Why use the Health app?

By storing data in the Health app, it’s available to other health-related apps.

And, if you track water with a different Health-compatible app, it’ll show up in Fluidics, too!

What data does Fluidics access?

Fluidics can only access data you give it permission to access.

The app needs to be able to read and write Water data from the Health app to function. If you want it to be more accurate about your daily goal, you can also give it permission to read other types of data.

The most important of these is Weight; if you choose not to grant Fluidics permission to read that data from the Health app, or you don’t have any stored, it will ask you to put your weight in.

Beyond that, the app can use Active Energy, Exercise Minutes, Steps, Walking and Running Distance, and UV Index information to make your daily goal more accurate. As these are fairly granular bits of information, you can’t enter them manually – you’d spent a lot of time doing it, for not very much return.

Other Concerns

Fluidics uses RevenueCat to manage paid subscriptions. RevenueCat’s Privacy Policy can be found on their website.