Fluidics is an app for tracking your daily water intake.

If that sounds at all complicated, don’t worry, it’s not! Fluidics is designed to be as simple to use as possible.

The center of the app is your four most-used amounts - tap and hold until the circle fills, and you’re done! Tap quickly if you want to change one. As you drink water, you’ll see the screen fill up - when there’s no more white on screen, you’ve met your goal for the day!

Two screenshots. The first shows the Quick Add screen of the app: a label, reading '0 fl oz' at the top, and below it, four buttons arranged in a grid, with '8', '12', '16', and '24' in them. The second is the same screen, with the label changed to read '16 fl oz'. The background of the screen is partially filled with blue.

Those same quick add options also appear in the widget - just tap and hold to quickly add from anywhere you can access the widget. Change the quick add option in the app, and it’ll change in the widget, as well.

A screenshot showing an iOS widget. Four buttons, similar to those in the previous screenshot, are arranged in a row, with '8', '12', '16', and '24' in them.

Drank a different amount than usual, but don’t want to change the Quick Add just for that? No problem! Just swipe right and you can enter any amount you’d like. Tap ‘add’ and you’re done!

A screenshot showing an interface similar to a dial pad from a phone. At the top, a label reading 'blank fl oz'. Beneath the dial pad is a button that reads 'Add'. The background is partially filled with blue.

If you need to change any settings, it’s just as easy - swipe left to get back to the Quick Add page, and then left again to get to the settings. From there, you can change which units you’re using, tweak the numbers that Fluidics uses to calculate your goal, show or hide the hints around the app, and check our privacy policy

A screenshot showing four buttons arranged vertically. They read 'Switch to mL', '125.0 lbs', 'Hide Help', and 'Privacy'

What’s the business model?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit suspicious of free apps - where’s the sense in giving something away for free, right?

No need to worry. Fluidics began as the final project for my computer science degree, and now it’s half passion project, half portfolio-building. I’ll be adding a tip jar in a later version, but there won’t be any features locked behind it, it’ll just help me justify spending time working on the app.