Photograph of dry dirt, cracked in the sun.


It happens more than you’d think. After all, if you’re just a little thirsty, that’s fine, it can wait, right?

Even mild dehydration, though, has some nasty symptoms. Headaches, tiredness, and more. No thank you.

Image credit: Maud Correa, Unsplash

Screenshots of Fluidics, in the 'Quick Add' and 'Custom Add' views.

Fluidics is here to help.

Keep track of how much water you’re drinking, and know how much you should be. All in a minimal, beautiful, and privacy-focused way.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

Screenshot of the 'Edit Quick Add' screen. Indicates which Quick Add is being edited, and allows selecting both the amount and unit of volume (fluid ounces, milliliters, or liters).


Set up your most-used amounts—your water bottle, favorite sports drink, or anything else.

Screenshot of the iOS 14 'add' widget, showing the four quick add options, and the iOS 14 'status' widget, showing current status and the four Quick Add options.


Check your goal and log from anywhere, with your choice of three widgets.

Composite screenshot, showing that the application supports Dark Mode.


Minimalist design and calm animations; looks good during the day, and at night.

Screenshot showing part of the 'Goal settings' screen.

Fluidics is built around your privacy, and is free to download and use. If you really like it, or you like tinkering with settings, you can pay $0.99 per year to unlock more customization.