Release Notes

Fluidics 1.3: The Subscription Update

The Subscription Update! Worried about apps with no visible business model? Worry no longer; for just $0.99 per year, you can support ongoing development of your favorite water-tracking app. In case that alone doesn’t convince you, that subscription also gets you the ability to customize the way we calculate your goal, and a neat new version of the widget that shows your progress towards that goal.

Other new features:

  • A new ‘Goal’ page to see how your goal is being calculated from start to finish.
  • Measurements are localized better, so you won’t see improper grammar like “24 fluid ounce” anymore.
  • Some nice optimizations so the app is ready even faster.
  • Various bits of under-the-hood work to support future features. (No spoilers!)

For more about the creation of this update, see this post.