Release Notes

Fluidics 1.2: The Settings Update

The Settings Update! You can now choose which unit to use for each Quick Add, instead of being stuck with one overall, and there’s a whole lot more visual settings to tinker with, for the customizers out there.

The Big List:

  • Redesigned the stuff that shows the first time the app runs, it looks nicer now.
  • You can now choose which unit to enter your weight in, if it isn’t coming automatically from the Health app.
  • There’s a bit more caching going on, so as you open the app throughout the day it’ll have accurate information quicker.
  • That lovely background animation is now optional; if you’ve got Reduce Motion on, it’ll be off by default, but if you really miss it, you can turn it back on from the new Display Settings card.
  • Showing the goal is optional as well, so if you were feeling overly pressured, you can switch that off.
  • Reorganized the settings page to take advantage of the fancy new cards, courtesy of Alexis Aubry; there’s more information in the new ‘About’ card, if you’re curious.

For more about the creation of this update, see this post.