Release Notes

Fluidics 1.1: The Animation Update

The Animation Update! Swiping from screen to screen is now smoother and the water is no longer frozen but flows smoothly.

Other changes:

  • The goal algorithm was a bit over-zealous when you’d been working out, we told it to calm down a bit.
  • Added a bit of text to the Settings screen to remind you that this is an app, not a doctor, so please take your health questions to a doctor.
  • Fixed a bug that could make the water look a bit wonky if you opened the app while on a phone call and then got hung up on.
  • The goal algorithm could get stuck using old information in the mornings; gave it a new alarm clock and coffee maker, it’ll be up to date now.
  • The Custom Add page wouldn’t let you use milliliters, it was very determined that everything was in fluid ounces, but it’s now learned how handy the metric system can be.
  • Quick Add values of more than 999 (of whatever unit) had Problems; they work properly now.
  • Significantly improved support for VoiceOver.
  • Under-the-hood changes to make future features possible. No spoilers!

For more information about this update, read the update post.