Version History


The Subscription Update! Worried about apps with no visible business model? Worry no longer; for just $0.99 per year, you can support ongoing development of your favorite water-tracking app. In case that alone doesn’t convince you, that subscription also gets you the ability to customize the way we calculate your goal, and a neat new version of the widget that shows your progress towards that goal.

Other new features:


Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash while it was trying to use the handy new caching stuff. Whoops!


The Settings Update! You can now choose which unit to use for each Quick Add, instead of being stuck with one overall, and there’s a whole lot more visual settings to tinker with, for the customizers out there.

The Big List:


The Animation Update! Swiping from screen to screen is now smoother and the water is no longer frozen but flows smoothly.

Other changes:


Fixed a bug that could make your Quick Add options shuffle around - thanks to the folks who pointed this out!

If you had exactly met your goal, the screen would still have a bit of un-filled space at the top. That felt very unsatisfying, so now having 100% of your goal will also mean having a 100%-full screen.

The first time you connected Fluidics to Health, it could take a while for it to actually do anything with the new data; now it’s much quicker about that.


Water tracking should be quick and painless. You shouldn’t have to worry about killing a digital tree if you don’t drink enough, or how much more water you need to drink following a workout! Fluidics provides a dead-simple approach to water tracking: As you drink more water, the Fluidics app will fill up with water—just like your body—showing you how much more water you should drink to reach your daily goal. Your daily goal will automatically change based on your activity on any given day, adjusting to your life without you having to give it any thought. Fluidics is elegantly simple and is well-integrated with Apple Health and ready for both iOS 11 and the iPhone X.